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The Woolgatherer

University of Southern Indiana

Mallette Studio Theatre

*this was a filmed production*

Director: Zoe Hunter

Set Designer: Jacelyn Stewart

Costumes: Clare McGregor 

Lights: Blake Whitehouse


Sound: Austin Ferrari 

The Woolgatherer, by William Mastrosimone, is a play about two people, Rose and Cliff, looking for love and find themselves with one another for a night. The two could not be more different, with their experiences, demeanor, and overall outlook on life. Through the show, they come to realize how to understand one another and figure out what they want out of life within themselves. 


For this design, the show takes place in Rose’s studio apartment. I wanted to give the apartment a feeling that it’s been slightly touched by Rose. The apartment isn’t filled to the brim with decor and styled perfectly the way she’d like, because like many others, she doesn’t have the time or money to do that. This also ties into one theme of the show, which is complacency. The dialogue comments on how it’s much easier to be content with the situation you find yourself in rather than focus on the betterment of yourself. However, the set gave me a chance to show off  Rose’s eclectic side. She is not a hoarder, but she collects things of various different aesthetics. Any trinket she has in her apartment is there because it’s a bright spot in her life, these objects make her happy and distracted from the overall mundaneness of her life. Rose’s apartment is an example of being caught in the middle of this complacency idea. A dingy, slightly dirty apartment with a broken window and sparse necessities, but also containing odd knickknacks on every available surface.  

By: William Mastrosimone


This show has not yet been edited into a finished production, due to this there are no professional production photo's featuring actors at this time.

Production Photos


Sketches & Drafting 

You can view the PDF of all of the drafting for The Woolgatherer here

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