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Artist Statement

I am a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts. I have been involved in the theatre world for as long as I can remember, but throughout my college experience I have emphasized my focus on scenic design and prop building. Amazingly, I was able to have the opportunity of set designing two shows at USI. Which led me to compete and receive a Honorable Mention in Scenic Design at the KCACTF Region III 2020 Festival. Beyond graduation, I was invited back to design another project, which I eagerly accepted. I now reside at the University of Minnesota as a MFA student studying Scenic Design, and focusing on scenic painting and properties creation.  These opportunities I have been given have opened my eyes to a passion that I try every day to cultivate. My goal is to be collaborative and take every chance I have to learn from those around me. 


Jacelyn Stewart Headshot_edited.jpg

Click this to view the PDF version of my portfolio. Which includes a more detailed account of my research working on some of my productions. 

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