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By: Danai Gurira

Eclipsed, by Danai Gurira, is a story about the survival of five Liberian women in the tail end of the Second Liberian Civil War. They have all been forced to become “wives” of an abusive, rebel commanding officer and they struggle with the decision to do nothing and stay alive or take a stand and join the ranks to try to end the conflict all together. This show revolves around the choices the women must make to decide their future and if they want to keep moving forward. 


My design for this show is heavily based on research of houses and shacks in Liberia during this war time. I wanted to include elements of actual materials that were on these structures to enhance the set. That is where the metal comes in. Metal sheets were used for roofing quite frequently in my findings, so I wanted that to be a staple in the set. Also, like the playwright, I was very compelled by the true story of the Liberian Freedom Fighter, Black Diamond. Black Diamond was a major influence on the story itself with her decision to become a solider and fight with the rebels to overthrow the Liberian president, Charles Taylor. She made this decision based on the cruelty and hardships she had to endure simply because she was a woman during this time. She took back her power instead of residing in the circumstances of her environment. The link to her that I included in the set was a window inspired by the one she stands in front of in the iconic picture of her. 


Through collaboration with the director, we wanted the set to give off the feeling of what once was. The biggest choice that was made was for the the bright color on the main walls. In a way, it almost feels out of place within the seriousness of the show. It was included to express that at one time, things weren’t so always dark and bleak. However, the state of the home is in shambles to what it once was, explaining without words that, there hasn’t been peace or time to worry about the house in a long time. 


University of Southern Indiana

Mallette Studio Theatre



Director: Jesmilia Williams

Set Designer: Jacelyn Stewart

Costumes: Danye Faust

Lights: Zak Johnston


Sound: Megan Gilbert  

Production Photos

* This show has no production photos due to cancellation by COVID-19 *


Sketches & Drafting 

You can view the PDF of all of the drafting for Eclipsed here

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